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Project 333 Fall/Winter 2012

Up in here in the far North… okay I am not that far, but still we need to deal with cold temperatures going as low as -35F or -37C darn cold.  Honest, as any one who deals with this cold of cold, once you get blown -25 you stay inside!

But we are still in Fall, so we get days that reach 30 and nights that are frosty.  You need to layer so I will rotate in a few sweaters. I am really lucky my day job is business casual, heavy on the casual.

Here is my fall list:  28 Items

  • Blouses – 13 blouses, 11 black except 2 purple.
  • Pants –  5 Pants 4 casual ,  1 blue jeans
  • Sweaters  – 3 sweaters, 2 gray , 1 black
  • Shoes – 3 pairs – Runners, Dress shoes, Winter boats
  • Winter Gear – Hat, scarf and mittens
  • Accessories – Sunglasses, purse
  • Fancy – 1 Dress for special occasions.

I am counting the winter gear as one, if you need one, you need all here.  so that brings me to 28, not too bad.  The only item that I need to add is a winter jacket, I have not bought one for several years and I need something a little more protective up here.  I did put some clothes in storage for skinner days or spring which ever comes first!  And I do have workout gear that is only worn for working out or yard work and my unmentionables.

Even as I was writing this and looking through my closet I decided that I needed to throw some more stuff out!  Little by little.  🙂 Now for the rest of the house!

You want to learn more about Courtney Carver’s Project 333, you can check out the website Courtney Rocks!


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