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Project 333 – Month One

The official start to the new quarter for Project 333 is April 1st.  So I thought I was refine the clothes since here the season has completely changed to spring. You can read my initial post here.

The biggest thing I noticed this month was that I had made choices of clothes I didn’t actually like.  I know I know, that should have been my first priority.  I am sure most people have this kind of drama the first time around.   One I need “work” clothes for several environments.  I suppose I am making too much of it, but it is my excuse 🙂

Anyways, I picked up some new blouses and a couple pairs of pants.  I am putting all my sweaters into storage and all my winter gear.

Even though I took a box of clothes to the basement, I don’t think that I was ever wearing more than 30-35 things. But I was surprised that I found myself feeling really bored with my choices.  It feels like I have been wearing some of the items for 2-3 years or more. For the most part that is true, I have several shirts that I have really liked so I just kept wearing them.

Now I know that it is not really that I am bored, it is just my mind saying “why the heck are you restricting me”  I guess I have this thing with being told what to do, even if it is me that is setting the rules.  hahaha

Soo Change my mind, Create success!

Here is my updated list

6(12) – blouse sets (shirt and cami)

2 – Sweaters

6 – Blouses

2 – Dress Pants

1 – jean

4 – Capri pants

1 – Coat

1- Runners

1 – Dress Shoes


Works out to a little less overall but not too bad.   Good luck to everyone that is joining the next quarter, Check out Project 333 on Facebook


Photo Credit by tanakawho

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