Project 333

What is Project 333?

Well it started out last year when Courtney Carver of  Be more with Less decided it was a good idea to create more space, one of the places to start is your closet. There are several inspiration trends right now that are focusing on not just a minimal lifestyle but minimal clothing. My personal interpretation of this is “Clothes do not make the women” and “long term sustainability means buy less stuff“.

Other Inspirations

One Dress Project – Kirsty Powell

The Uniform Project – Sheena Matheiksen

Back to Project 333 – The Guidelines

  1. 33 items including clothing, accessories, jewelry outwear and shoes
  2. not included wedding ring, underwear, sleep, in-home lounge wear,  and workout clothing (you can only wear your workout clothing to workout)
  3. everything else gets boxed up and stored

I have been working on really minimizing my “stuff” for about a year.  I have already done several runs through my closet.  I am sure that I have already been working with less than 33 items, but now they are counted.

The biggest things was last summer when I lost some weight, I never wanted to be able to gain it back, so I got rid of all my FAT clothes.  I do have some winter or summer only clothes and I have a few things that are still a little too tight to wear but that I like.  Since it is still winter, I picked clothes based on that, I think that I will be able to wear this combination of clothes until the end of April.  I’ll trade out for my summer clothes then.   So two months from the clothes I picked today.

Here is the list as of today:

5(10) – blouse sets (shirt and cami)

6 – Sweaters

5 – Blouses

2 – Dress Pants

1 – jean

4 – Capri pants

1 – winter gear (hat,scarf,mittens)

1 – Coat

1- Runners

1 – Dress Shoes

1 – Winter boots

There are actually more blouses than I would normally wear, but I know that I will be traveling and training for several weeks in the next 2 months.   I am going to add in an additional guideline, if I buy something new during the next 2 months, then I must remove minimum of one item, but preferable two.

You can twitter with Project333 using #project333 You can catch up with Courtney on Twitter @bemorewithless

I would love to hear about your project 333 experiments, stop by twitter or facebook and leave a comment

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