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Reading your Cards, Open your Mind

I have always been fascinated with “reading cards”  it seems so mysterious.  And let’s face it, my childhood was “hell and brimstone” and this crossed the line between good and evil.

🙂  people are so silly when they don’t understand something!

Years later with a much more open mind. I continue to study all things that I find interesting. As I study I felt a much deeper connection to my inner voice and the universal consciousness.  I really wanted to find a easier way to communicate to both. I believe that the “cards” are just a way to connect with MY true soul and consciousness.

Enter again the idea of reading cards.. there are so many more different card decks now, based on many spiritual belief systems.   I was able to buy several decks, read about them and really create a connection to them.  I don’t think that it is important what deck of cards you use, only that it feels great to you!

When I first started using the cards I had a systematic approach, I kept them all in a row on my book shelf and each day I would pick a new card.  Sometimes they were enlightening, sometimes not.   More interesting was that when I picked a card for a specific person and shared with them, they ALWAYS knew what it meant and would ask how I knew they needed to hear that.

As time went on I would find myself with a deck of cards in my hands while I was thinking at my desk.  I would pick a card and it would be exactly what I needed to hear at the moment.

Now I pick up the deck when I am thinking… to me it feels like I am connecting and sharing my love with myself.  If I feel that I need to pick a card I will, if I am working on a question or problem I will ask and receive an answer.  I always receive an answer.   It is like I know what to tell myself 🙂

I am very glad that I was open enough to try creating a way to me communicate with me!  I truly believe it is most important that you find a way to communicate that works for you, whether it is cards, whether it is silent meditation, whether it is journaling.   Learning to communicate with yourself is one of the most important skills you learn in your life!


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