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Rebel Chick Mystic! Lisa Marie Selow

Lisa Marie Selow is an author, motivational speaker, life coach, and modern mystic, specializing in liberating women to live with more courage and authenticity. She has a passion for guiding women in turning around the pain of their life stories into positive, healing, triumphant transformations of body, mind, and spirit.

With the heart and soul of a rocker chick, she enjoys showing up in life as her true self everywhere in life, enjoying wearing generous amounts of eyeliner and sparkly eye shadow to whichever “gig” she attends. Lisa Marie says, “I like to bring a little bit of sass and spunk, glitter and glam, leather, rock and roll wisdom, and punk rock attitude, mixed with generous helpings of love and laughter to the spiritual and self-help fields.”

I am totally loving working with Lisa!  She is fun, energized and rocking it!  I definitely feel that she is Diva Sister!   With Lisa’s new book coming out soon, now is a perfect time to ask her a few questions about Rebel Chick Mystic


What is a rebel chick mystic?


I developed the term “rebel chick mystic” in my work as a professional psychic and life coach while working with women who tended to have some common traits:

  • Like to be in charge of their own destiny, making their own rules for their life
  • Enjoy carving out their own spiritual path
  • Are working on healing their lives in some way
  • Feel called to help others, whether in personal relationships, at home, or in their career or volunteer work
  • Tend to be open-minded about life and learning
  • Feel the need to rock the boat in their personal and professional lives sometimes
  • Embrace diversity
  • Have sometimes experienced significant life challenges
  • Understand the importance of lovingly speaking their truth
  • Enjoy having outlets for creativity and self-expression
  • Are considered to be “too caring” or “too sensitive” sometimes
  • Have been called “bitchy” or “too assertive”
  • Don’t resonate with all aspects of traditional womanhood
  • Identify with some of the various countercultures in history
  • May be intuitive.


Your book is titled, A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide: Healing Your Spirit With Positive Rebellion, what do you mean by positive rebellion?


Rebels sometimes are seen as self-destructive, addicted, lonely, angry, quiet, mysterious,pessimistic, and without a purpose. Rebellion also carries with it a history of political violence. Traditionally this energy was forceful, trying to get rid of the existing structure or order. It sends the message that one group is right and the other is wrong. My approach, however, is quite different. With positive rebellion, you’re choosing to do both small and big things that are loving, supportive, or helpful for yourself or others. When you practice positive rebellion on a continual basis, you’ll notice that you are no longer willing to stay stuck or buy into negative or limiting beliefs, ideas, or situations. As you make changes, fear and conformity let go of their hold on you. You do what feels right for you, instead of what you think you’re expected to do. You create a mindset for happiness and success, when others are more interested in the negativity and doom portrayed in the media. You lead with your heart, not your head so much. You become okay with your choices, even if others don’t get it at first—or


We will be continuing the interview next week 🙂   Here is a Great Article Lisa has written

5 Steps to Becoming a Rebel Chick Mystic
By Lisa Marie Selow

Rebel chick mystic is a term that I developed in my years of working with women as a life coach. My rebel chick mystic clients are unconventional types who make their own rules for living and tend to question things, including their own ideas and thoughts. They tend to carve out their own paths of meaning and purpose. At times though, support is needed in making changes and when ne decides to stray from the herd.

I noticed some reoccurring themes in sessions with my clients. This sparked my curiosity, so Ibegan compiling some data, including my responses to their concerns. My book, A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide contains the wisdom gained from not only working with these clients, but also, working on my own process of personal growth for over 20 years. I provide my readers with practical tools to shift the life crap that still holds them back, mostly through exercises, journal prompts, and quizzes. No book can tell you how to live, so my intention is to help you to write your own guide for living.

Rebellion can be a positive force in your life. You can reject what no longer works for you or what causes you pain. You can start creating a life that you love right now. Below are some main pieces of wisdom from my book, to help you start living as a rebel chick mystic yourself:

1. Reject your inner critics. These are the negative things you hear in your mind when you’re about to do something bold or brave such as starting your own blog, having a baby (or adopting one), relocating, eating healthier, or quitting your job working for The Man to start your own business. You’ll hear things such as ‘who do you think you are?’ or ‘what makes you think you can do that?’ or ‘what happens if you end up living on the street as a bag lady?’ Others, even loved ones, might have said similar things to you in the past. These things still might echo in your mind at times, not contributing positively to your self-esteem and self-confidence. Don’t listen to these things, whether they came from your own mind, loved ones, authority figures, the popular media, or the mass consciousness. Find a way to ceremoniously rid yourself of these inner critics. Some tell you to make friends with them, but honestly, would you be friends with someone who told you that you couldn’t make your dreams a reality? Kick them to the curb! Give them new jobs. (Scrubbing toilets seems like a good job possibility for them.)


2.  Rebel against perfectionism. Be your own version of perfect. Cut yourself some slack nowand then. True happiness doesn’t come from having an immaculate house and yard, flawlessskin, or size 2 body. Also, stop trying to be all things to all people. It’s exhausting after awhile to try to be June Cleaver, or Pollyanna, or Mother Theresa, or all three at the sametime. Let others rise to the occasion, so that they get to experience the joy of giving.


3.  Subvert your inner good girl. She’s the inner critic that can be most damaging. Her voice usually starts with a phrase such as ‘You better…,’ or, ‘you should…,’ or, ‘what will they think?’ Early in your life, someone might have told you to be a good girl. They tried to give
you a belief system about how to live your life. Now that you’re an adult, you get to decide how to be and live. “Good” comes in many forms. I say pick one that feels best for you, whether it’s sassy, sexy, saucy, peaceful, happy, loving, kick ass, or laid back. Just be you!


4. Live your purpose. Life purpose seems so serious of a topic. It can feel hard to live your purpose. You might not know how to schedule it into your life, but it’s simpler than you think. Do what brings you more joy, not just regarding career, but in all life areas. I can almost hear you protesting already, ‘What about my family/spouse/partner/parents/ coworkers/kids/friends?’ There you go again, putting others’ happiness first! Fill your well first and then, you will be in a better place to help others. Your happiness helps you to be better at everything you do in life. Remember, too, that sometimes, your purpose is different from your job. You might be a painter, guitarist, singer, cupcake baker, writer, filmmaker, inventor, or other role that brings you passion, but work a day job as a bank teller, waitress,
engineer, or office assistant. It’s okay if things don’t intersect perfectly. Include your passions into your daily life. Your happiness depends on it.

5.  Carve out your own spiritual path. I’m not talking about religion here, but if you find peace and happiness from a religion, this is great. The spiritual path is simply the journey to your true self and to happiness and inner peace. Create a daily practice for yourself that
supports this journey. It might be meditation, yoga, prayers, chanting, or sitting on the beach. Your practice will be yours and yours alone and this is okay. Find what works for you and enjoy it.
Bio: Lisa Marie Selow has a life mission of liberating as many people as possible. She is a rocker chick, life coach, motivational speaker, modern mystic, and women’s empowerment expert. Her specialty is helping you to get out of your comfort zone and gain courage to live your best life possible. She is the Hay House author of the book, A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide, a self-help book for brave, misfit women (or those who desire to be), which helps the reader write her own guide for living life on herterms. Lisa has been involved in the healing arts since 1998 in various roles such as massage therapist, energy worker, intuitive consultant, and most recently, as a life coach. She has studied both formally and informally with many top spiritual and personal

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