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Reduce it to the Ridiculous

You have a goal, a lofty goal and you want it bad.  It occupies your thoughts, your conversations, your dreams and much more.  Not only are you gripped by how much you want to achieve your goal, you are paralyzed by how overwhelmed you feel when imagining how to accomplish it! Where do I even start?  How could a person like ME do something of that magnitude?  Maybe I should concentrate on something more traditional, more stable, safer, or (insert your word here)?  There are a lot of blood, sweat, and tears between us and the something that we want.  And ballsy goals don’t magically happen overnight because we wave our wand and wish hard enough.  For me, trying to accomplish a goal starts with reducing it to the ridiculous and tackling it in bite sized pieces.

The next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by what it is that you want, reduce it the ridiculous and figure out what you CAN do right now.  The list of things that I cannot do right now is a long one but each journey is made up of a million tiny steps.  What tiny step can you make today to get yourself moving in the right direction towards what you want?  The essence in moving forward is not the speed at which you move, it is that you continue to move no matter how tiny the progress may appear.

Here are a few tiny suggestions you can do right now that may help you begin to build the foundation you need to make bold steps in the direction of your goal and ultimately accomplish your it!

  1. Do a google search on your goal and learn something new about it.
  2. Find a podcast related to your goal and listen to it.
  3. Take out a journal and write a brief entry about your goal.
  4. Write a quick email to a trusted friend or mentor and ask them to help you brainstorm different ways you can move closer to your goal.
  5. Take out some finger paints (or any other creative medium) and paint a picture of your goal.  Musicians might choose to write a song about their goal.
  6. Take your pet for a walk around the block and tell them why you are excited about your goal.
  7. Find a book on Amazon.com that is related to your goal.  Make sure it is one that you are excited to read!
  8. Find and like a Facebook page related to your goal and “like” it.
  9. Go to Meetup.com and find a group of likeminded people also interested in your goal.  Join them for an activity.
  10. Or in my case- write a blog about your goals and let the adventure begin!

What other “tiny” suggestions can be added to this list?  What do you do when you are feeling overwhelmed by a goal you have set for yourself?
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4 thoughts on “Reduce it to the Ridiculous

  1. Thanks for this post Katie! It is just what I’ve been trying to do with my passion of photography; baby stepping, one foot in front of the other….keep moving….progress not perfection, on the right road going in the right direction, getting somewhere good that I really want to go.

    When my son James broke his arms (6 times), I felt sheepish cancelling his piano lessons, once again, for another six weeks! I decided I would sit in and take HIS lesson slot and learn piano. I apologized week after week for not practicing much. The teacher finally said, ANY music is better than NO music. He suggested I enjoy the process and the progress, even though it was small and slow. That gave me so much freedom from guilt and opened the door for enjoying the process so much more.

    My motto now: Just get moving and keep moving toward your goals!

    1. Kathy, freedom from guilt is priceless! It sounds like you had a great piano teacher! I’m glad that you decided to take the slot instead of canceling all together. I agree wholeheartedly that ANY progress is better than NO progress and many of us could stand to benefit from enjoying the process instead of making ourselves feel like we need to achieve X…by next Tuesday. Ha! So glad you liked the post!

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