Reflections of a Goddess Bonus Material

First…. I want to say… YES!!! I am so happy that you have bought a copy of the book. I am excited that you found your way to this page, here is what you can expect. Over the next year, we are going to be sharing with you extraordinary bonus material!

  • We are starting out with templates of the Journaling prompts and questions to really go in-depth with your journey to connect with your Inner Goddess.
  • We will be adding beautiful printable Goddess sheets that you can add to your journal.
  • I am gathering some of my friends together to help me create audios of the guided meditations that have been included in the book.

And there are plans for much more. Here’s how it works: (super easy)

  1. You sign up for our special email notification list.
  2. You will received access to a special web page that is password protected with all the material.
  3. You login to the webpage and check out all the cool stuff 🙂

So what are you waiting for, all the fabulous stuff is inside waiting for you! Sign up Now!

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