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Secret for walking faster

I was actually kinda of amazed the I increased my speed by 30 seconds by just making this change.

I think I missed something in the class, I have been reading  a lot about walking/running for the past year, trying to move off the couch to hit the streets.  Let’s face it, I am a newbie. I am carrying a lot of extra weight still, my endurance and stamina are still really hurting.

Today’s session was meant to be intervals. I braved the cold and went outside to get some fresh air.  I started my music, I turned on my tracking app and I was off… slowly!


First 1/2 km was walking to get all warmed up and ready.  Then I started the intervals, I did another 1/2 doing intervals and I was done.   Done accckk!  Very discouraging, my feet were hurting, my shins had cramps, I was done.   Well I resigned myself to finish walking.

I often find that I spend a lot of time thinking while I am exercising, not really sure if that is good or bad, but it happens.  I spend the next full km well sulking really, the little negative self talk was chattering away.  I am still too heavy, I am never going to get faster, I am never going to graduate from a walker to a runner… yada yada.

I was obviously was really in my head… so I decided to move into my body and just think about how it was feeling.  I could feel my feet hurting, my knees felt okay though, I could feel my gluts working, my stomach was really pushed out… *why am I doing that?*  my shoulders are hunched over *why am I doing that?*

as I write this is was pretty clear that my body was showing my thoughts, frustrated, dejected, completely negative, in real time it took me a few minutes to realize what I was doing.


I round the corner to start the last km, well if I am walking the last km I am going to make it good.  Stand up straight, chin straight and back, shoulders back and down relaxed.  Arms in at 45 degree, swinging to the time of my feet.  Stomach pulled in think about belly button touching your spine.  Gluts tucked in, hips forward, feet hips width apart, pointing straight.

For the entire last km I just kept running down the list in my head, making sure I was in perfect alignment.

When I finished and looked at my times… I could clearly see that my last km was 30 seconds faster then my first one.  yes!

Now my time is still slow and I still need to train a LOT more to go faster, but damn!  30 seconds is a BIG change for so little effort!

I am using RunKeeper on my iphone to track my distance and time, it is working really well!

You can check out your times here

Definitely worth your time to test it out and see how it works for you! Love to hear how it goes, add you comments below

Photo Credit: mikebaird

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