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Secrets to Inspired Living

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Finding inspiration is so much fun!  It is not as hard as some people think, you just need to know where you can find it.   It is very easy to get stuck in a loop of negativity when you feel like you are searching for something that is eluding you.   I totally can relate to this pattern, while I was recovery from a recent surgery, I was stuck on the couch and was feeling very trapped in my own head.   While I wasn’t able to get off the couch right away, I could choose to occupy my mind with inspiration material.  SO that is just what I did and I was able to work through a amazing “ahh” moment.

Here is the good news is that you can change the way you look at things and, in doing so, you’ll welcome even more inspiration into your life.

Where to Look

Inspiration can be found everywhere, but different experiences generate enthusiasm in different people. If what you’re seeing doesn’t move you, try changing your location. If you’re in the city, head for nature. If you’re out in a rural setting, check out the bustle of the big city.

A change in perspective and scenery can make all the difference! If you’ve tried that and it hasn’t helped, perhaps try focusing on the specifics. Maybe you’re inspired by the shimmer of dew on a petal, the reflection of the setting sun on the multi-paned windows of a skyscraper, or the tapestry of voices in a busy coffee shop.

The big mysterious trick to all this…. keep looking until you find what lights your fire!

What Do You See?

Of course, where you’re looking might not be the only reason you’re not feeling inspired. Your mindset can also have a big impact on whether you feel inspired. Open your mind so you can really see what’s there. Avoid looking just at the surface, but focus on what’s beneath it. You might be surprised at what you find.

For example, when your young daughter says, “Play this game with me,” do you see a bored child or do you feel the love and joy that she brings to every chance to spend some quality time with you? When the sun rises in the morning, do you think, “It’s too early to get up” or do you feel gratitude for the opportunities this new day can bring to you?

How to Seek Things That Inspire You

With a positive mental attitude, things will look far different than they do when you’re unhappy or angry. Of course, everyone feels bad sometimes. If you find that you’re always feeling sad and uninspired, though, it might be time to change your focus toward something that brings you joy.

I like to use a strategy called “Flip Switch”  it only takes 17 seconds to change your mindset.   When you realize that you are feeling down or uninspired, stop those thoughts in their track and then intentionally create thoughts that are more positive.  Just stay in those thoughts for 17 seconds, which is not long at all.  If you can stay in that positive moment for longer, a minute or more.

Taking time to stop and smell the roses – just enjoying the moment – might be all you need to find your inspiration!

Inspiration is very much the same as Happiness or Joy, it comes from inside of you, and is only sparked by outside sources that you see and hear. Here are some ideas for getting in the mindset and where you can look for inspiration:

  • Breathe Deeply – Closing your eyes and seeking inspiration in the sounds and smells around you.
  • Talking with a loved one about the things that inspire that person.
  • Going somewhere that you haven’t been before to get a different perspective.
  • Looking at something you see every day in a different way or from a different angle.
  • Get out into Nature – allow the sunshine, the rain, the wind and the earth to permeate your entire being.

You really just need to get creative with the way you hunt for inspiration. It’s literally everywhere, but it can be easy to miss in the bustle of our lives.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Jason Corneveaux via Compfight

I would love to hear from you:

What are you doing to find inspiration?

Where is your favourite place to go to be inspired?

Who is the person that inspires you  the most?


16 thoughts on “Secrets to Inspired Living

  1. Lori, these are all great ideas!
    One of the things that I’ve just discovered that has inspired my creativity is night time photography. I went out with a friend last night and got the coolest shots around San Francisco! It really has improved my mood and helped me feel renewed again!

  2. Beautiful post Lori, it’s so true and so simple. Sometimes I struggle to get myself out of the negative thought patterns, feeling sorry for myself and allowing hormones to dictate how I feel and act. I’m doing a very difficult and stressful job at the moment, i’m exhausted and I’m finding it difficult to feel joy, so thank you for a timely article.

    1. I can definitely relate to a stressful job! Some days are better than others, that is why I keep reminding myself of the things I can do to change my mood quickly.

  3. Such a great article, Lori Lynn! Totally LOVED it!
    And the “Flip Switch” trick is most definitely one that I fully resonate with!
    – I find inspiration mostly from reading personal growth and spiritual books (I am a voracious reader!) AND from my daily walks with my beloved dog, Daisy.
    – Anywhere within the view of water is where I love to go to find inspiration.
    – There are so many people that inspire me – among my favorites: Kathleen Gage, Jeanna Gabellini, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Marianne Williamson, H. Emilie Cady, and Jesus!
    Love and blessings,

    1. Water is my fav as well! That is where I am going this weekend… just me, my honey and my journal!

      Great list of inspirational people, they are also on my list!

  4. Hi Lori,
    Your article was the first thing, that I read this Saturday morning, and it was a perfect start of the day :).
    One of my favourites is this – Looking at something you see every day in a different way or from a different angle.
    I remember, one day I looked so at the apple tree in blossom, from the window of a bus, which stuck in a traffic jam. I can’t say, what exactly I did, but the tree and the scene around it suddenly burst out with vivid colors and remained so for several seconds. I guess, that were the real colors of life, contrary to those I saw at that place daily. Pity, but I could never repeat this trick with that apple tree. Once revealed, it preferred to continue in secrecy.

    1. That is beautiful! I bet that you could do it with another scene though… just the act of awareness that it is there if we are open to see it, will lead you to amazing places

  5. Lori, I love your idea to find inspiration in the every day moments of our lives. To find regular inspiration I read through the bookmarks in some of my favorite books like Untethered Soul or The Book of Awakening. My all time favorite place to go is a Japanese garden where they have a bamboo forest. I love the sound of the breeze rustling the leaves and the slow soft creaking of the wood. It also has some of the most beautiful Zen Gardens and hidden places to just sit and listen to the sound of creeks and small waterfalls. Who inspires me most? Hard to pick just one but Danielle LaPorte immediately comes to mind. Her words always break through whatever it is going on somehow. I always feel inspired to just dust myself off and keep going.

    1. OHHHH I love zen gardens, it is one of the big plans for the new property we buy. I can’t wait to start building it. Great books to add to my list!

  6. This is a fabulous post Lori. We all need inspiration, not just for work or writing, but for feeling joy everyday.

    I love that you suggest flipping the switch, and reminding us that when a loved one wants interaction, there is something incredibly meaningful for us there, and not to ignore it or fail to see it.

    I am so with you when you mentioned, “If what you’re seeing doesn’t move you, try changing your location”.
    Sometimes we cannot change location, but we can change the environment. Light an aromatherapy candle, take a bubble bath, read a poem out loud, put on some Steve Miller Band music, send a loving tweet, cook something yummy and healthy for a loved one. Wrap a white elephant gift.

    There are so many SIMPLE ways to be inspired, and that’s the beauty of it.

    THANK YOU Lori for this lovely post that reminds us to be inspired daily!



  7. Margo, excellent idea to change the environment. You are right so many simple things that can change our environment in big ways. I think that often we disregard such things because it seems tooo easy. But the truth of it is, the simple ways are along the best.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Good day, Lori –
    I love that you’ve asked us the question: “What are you doing to find inspiration?”, inviting us to actively take part in creating our experiences. You’re right… so often we just coast along missing many of the simple things that might inspire us. And I will definitely be giving some thought to your question, “Who is the person who inspired you the most?” I’ve written lots on various people who inspire me, but inviting me to consider “the one” who inspires me the most, now that’s a different question.
    I may just have to step outside for a bit to feel my way into that answer.

    1. Hi Nanette,

      thanks… I like to enjoy everyone to experience more. It is one thing to read, but it is completely different feeling to actually bring into awareness and feel the experience.

      I look forward to hearing who your inspires you the most!

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