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Setting an example

I have been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be “authentic”….  I have seen and read a lot of people online talking about how they want to be more authentic and then I read their blogs.

I was thinking “why being ‘authentic’ seemed to mean leaving your manners behind?”  I was actually getting quite stirred up about it. I was thinking, I needed to write a whole expose on it.

Then this morning I was sitting at the beach, one thing happened and I worked my way to the thought “live by example”

I had a good laugh and decided that I didn’t need to rant about the definition of being authentic, I just need to be my personal version of integrity based authentic.   It doesn’t matter what other people do or think, only that I feel good that I am being true to me and I am holding myself to my definition of integrity.

I don’t plan on ranting about anything… well I am going to try not to, I don’t believe it is productive

I would prefer to be thinking about the positive learning side of life and I am hoping that will set a great example.

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