Setting – Discussion Page

Overview of the Discussion page – the discussion page is all the settings for the blog comments.

From the Dashboard

Step 1 – under Settings, Click Discussion

  1. Default Article Setting – These settings allow new comments and new comments with links to be added to your artciles
  2. Other Comment Settings – Settings including whether a name and email must be used, and if you want the comments to be automatically closed after 14 days.
  3. E-mail me Whenever – options on when you what to be emailed, this uses the email address in the General settings
  4. Before a comment appears – this allows you to decide whether or not you want to moderate the comments
  5. Comment Moderation – you can create a list of specific keywords or links, that always need to be moderated
  6. Comment Blacklist – you can create a list of specific keywords or links, that will always to marked as Spam
  7. Avatar Display – Sets the option of whether or not you use avatars
  8. Maximum Rating – rating of the avatars that you allow on your blog
  9. Default Avatar – you can set what will appear if someone does not have a avatar.

Step 2 – once you have completed your updates, Click Save Changes

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