Settings – Writing Page

Overview of the Settings, Writing page.   This options are for the admin and user roles that have permission to create/write posts and pages.

From the Dashboard

Step 1 – Under Settings, Click Writing

  1. Size of the post box – allows you to change the size of the box you use when writing the main content of your posts.  I like to set mine to 30, that way I can see more of the article at one time.  You can play with this setting to see what works best for you.
  2. Formatting – everyone like smiley’s 🙂
  3. Default Post  Category – you can set the default category your posts publish to, we recommend that you change this to something other then “uncategorized”  you must create additional categories first, then you can change it
  4. Default Link Category – you can set the default category your links are grouped, you can change if you like or you can leave it blogroll
  5. Remote Publishing – this allows you to set up alternative ways to publish posts to you blog – this is an advanced feature and will be discussed at a later time.
  6. Post via e-mail – this allows you to set up publishing via email – this is an advanced feature and will be discussed at a later time.
  7. Update Services – this is “pinging”  this is where you list the services you would like your blog to notify when a post is published.  The default service, Pingomatic is a very popular service that sends to multiple services, there is no need to add others, unless you are planning to ping a very specific niche related service.

Step 2 – once you have finished updating, click Save Changes

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