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Another David Damron ebook 🙂 from the minimalist path

Simple and Healthy is stepping stone to start down the plan to a health life.  David writes this book from the perspective of  elite athlete.   Even though I am training for a triathlon I am definitely an elite athlete… still very much a newbie.

Two thirds of the book is about nutrition and what we eat, our diets.  In principle I agree with the idea that 75% for our health comes from what we are eating.  Personally I am still working on what exactly that diet looks like for me.

I thought I would mention three important concepts that I believe has high value and importance.

One of the most important concepts in the book is the “Diet vs Dieting”

The difference between dieting and a diet is that dieting is focused on a specific amount of time, whereas, a diet is a commitment to a long term goal of balanced nutrition followed with a basic active lifestyle.

Agreed!  It is my believe that any change needs to be a life long lifestyle change, not just a flash in the pan fad.

Second important concept is “Hydration”

People hear this over and over again, but I bet if you looked at the amount of caffeine free, sugar free, straight up water you drink… that amount is very small.

Hydrating your body properly is similar to putting the proper fuel in your vehicle. The cleaner, less rubbish the better your car runs. The same goes for your body.

The simplest way to start is by adding 8 glasses of straight up water to your day. One big glass as soon as you get up starts the day wonderfully!

The third important concept is “The Great Outdoors”

I love this as much as I can I get outside.  I am not much for winter sports but I will definitely get out for a walk.  Walking you can do all year round with not too much effort.  It is a great way to see your local area.  I am really lucky to live close to parks and the lake and I can cycle pretty much all year.

There are quite a few more interesting concepts that David has gone into in the book, just head over to his website and check it out.

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