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Simplified Family Fun

We all need to take a break now and again. Spending time with the family is relaxing and can be a bit adventurous at times. If you are looking for ways to spend quality time without breaking the bank keep reading for some  family fun.

1. Camping

If you’ve never experienced the great outdoors, it is a great way to get away and have a few laughs. Camping teaches survival skills and lets kids and adults experience what it is like to live with nature instead of against it. If one member of the family has great camping experience, he or she can guide the rest of the group. Catch your supper and cook it over an open flame. Sing songs, have marshmallow treats, tell stories, and hike to new places. Camp in areas far away from Yogi Bear and Wile E. Coyote but which still maintain the element of adventure the vast wilderness has to offer.

2. Weekend trips

For a large family weekend trips are more economical sometimes than taking a week’s vacation. Everyone can pile in the car and head to the mountains or the coast for a weekend of fun. For one night, everyone can sleep in one or two hotel rooms. Consider it to be “roughing it.” Visit a national park, zoo, museum, national monument, or other point of interest. Pack drinks, snacks, and lunches to avoid incurring too many food costs. Using a digital camera for pictures saves on the expense of film. You can even save money with photo printing websites that will print your pictures online and your family can view and order the ones they want.

3. Family vacation

These are always fun. As a kid, there is nothing better than getting away to someplace new and having a ball. If this is your intent, start saving early. Investigate methods of travel to find the most economical for your budget and family size. Follow travel deals instead of just the peak and off-peak seasons. Even in peak times, families can find good travel deals so that everyone can have a good time. If you are traveling to an area where family lives ask if you can bunk with them for a few days. It cuts down on costs and you get to visit.

4. Have family picnics.

Parks have come a long way in the last few years. They have cookout shelters and trails for running, cycling, or hiking, water activities, and playgrounds. One Saturday a month, gather the entire family (including extended family in the same city) and have a picnic cookout in the park. Reserve a shelter in advance and ask each person to contribute to the meal. Bring along board games, balls, blankets, bikes, and your best pair of sneakers. Get an early start and spend the day doing whatever you want to have fun and relax.

Having fun doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. There are ways to engage the interest of the entire family without worrying about money.

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