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Social Media Traffic’s #1 Strategy: Guest Blogging

Social Media Traffic's #1 Strategy: Guest Blogging

For the last 6 months, I have been working on creating more value while spreading my message to the world at large.  I have been able to add guest posting to my market calendar.  I did have to decide how much time I was going to spend working this particular areas and once I had a plan I was off and running.

One of the first things that I did was I opened my website to having guest posts , this allowed me to free up the time I needed to add this in.  The side bonus was I was able to meet with some really great people.

I will freely admit that I was nervous asking some of the more popular blogs…. but I did it anyways!  And I was never turned down.   You can see a list of my other articles over on their own page, click here to read my guest articles

If you are just now starting out with your Guest articles here are some of the basics to get your started:

Guest Blogging as the #1 Marketing Strategy for Digital Entrepreneurs.

As an digital entrepreneur, you’re used to thinking of as many different strategies as possible to promote your presence on the web and increase your traffic and subscriber list.  One strategy often overlooked, however, is guest blogging:

When tried it can quantum-leap your prominence and popularity within your niche very quickly, bringing rewards all round.

What guest blogging does for you:

  • Allows you to provide value to your online community
  • Encourages others to promote you and your guest posts
  • Allows you to get to know other key players in your niche
  • Build a strong networking base
  • Share information
  • Let people get to know you

As with most strategies, there is a wrong way and a right way to do things.  Simply knowing a few key conventions and principles and following a simple action plan, can turn modest benefits into huge ones with speedy, far-reaching impact on your digital career

If you approach guest blogging intelligently, with even the barest minimum of preparation, becoming a guest blogger can provide an increase in:

  • Social proof of your expert status
  • Awareness from important authority figures
  • Emotional connection and engagement
  • Inbound links to your own blog
  • Joint Venture opportunities
  • Fresh traffic
  • Visibility

The Drawbacks and Pitfalls of Guest Blogging

There aren’t too many drawbacks to guest blogging, if you do a halfway decent job; but one of them you’re no doubt thinking about already – it takes time.

It takes time out of your busy schedule, and it becomes one more deadline – one that isn’t flexible, because you’ve given your word and your blog host is relying on you.

Also, while you’re blogging on one site, you’re not blogging on your own.

But just remember – guest blogging can be reciprocal.  You can invite guest bloggers for your own blog while you’re off writing brilliant posts on your niche buddy’s site.

And most likely, if you do a good job, the niche expert who you delighted with your guest post will reciprocate by writing one for your blog too.

Small or Authority Blogs?

 You’re probably already following authority blogs in your chosen niche, as well as blogs you like because they’re entertaining and fun.  Perhaps you empathize with the author or share common problems, experiences, lifestyles and goals.

You may be much more in harmony with both the blog owner and his readers, since you’re all in the same boat together and can identify with all the problems and concerns at that level.

Generally, a proven rule of thumb is to approach blogs similar to yours in readership when seeking guest spots – but if you can land a power blog up at the top, go for it!

Don’t assume that top niche figures have no interest in less prominent guest bloggers.  They’re as glad of the break as anyone else.  And if you can serve up something delectable that doesn’t directly compete but thrills their subscribers, they’ll want you back.

How to Find Blogs that Need Guests

How do you find out if a blog needs a guest poster?

Many will let you know they need guests.

They’ll have a spot in plain sight (often the sidebar) letting you know that guest bloggers are welcome and telling you how to apply.

The best ones also will often have a section with clear guidelines about whether or not:

  • Photos are allowed
  • Bylines, resource boxes or bio clips are encouraged
  • Linking is permitted
  • What topics and types of posts they are looking for
  • What article length is preferred
  • Guidelines for style

But don’t sit there meekly waiting for your favorite blog to follow this formula.  You may have to be assertive and proactive about putting the idea in the owner’s head.  In that case, it’s up to you to point out to the owner that you’re the solution to her problem!

In other words, get into the habit of following likely blogs and looking for opportunities – and clues.

Get a “Hell, Yes”

Write a short, direct email offering to guest post.  Your email should tell the blog owner:

  • Why you’re a good fit for her readers
  • Relevant facts about you (emphasis on `relevant’)
  • Links to samples of your work.  These should demonstrate that your “voice”, tone, style and interests are consistent with the blogs; not jarringly different

But no matter how carefully you plan your proposal letter, your best success will come if you’ve been a regular reader of the blog.  The number one way to get a “yes” is to have contributed valuable comments to the blog over a period of time.

How to be a Good Guest Blogger

If you’ve only just discovered the blog you want to guest post for, then research will be your second best aid to success.

Go through back posts, follow up on commenters’ Twitter and Facebook links and find out:

  • Who reads it?
  • Are there multiple comments on most posts?
  • What is the skill level of its readers, related to its main focus?
  • What are its conventions and idiosyncrasies?
  • What is its writing style?  What pace does it set?
  • What sort of “voice” does it have?

Analyze the prose style of the owner.  Does she write with short, punchy sentences or does she use a chatty style, full of adjectives and exclamations?  Is she gentle and introspective, or incisive and analytical?

Is she cynical or sarcastic?  Is she kind and friendly?  Does she focus on the people in her niche or on its technology?  Does she use humor or is she serious and pedantic?

What is the subculture of the group she’s writing for?  What posts get the most comment activity?

Are there any areas the blog owner seems to be weaker in dealing with – areas you could fill, making him look like a hero to his readers?

Do his readers have an obvious need that he hasn’t yet managed to meet?

Pay as much attention to the comments as you do to the posts in a blog:  That’s where the answers to all these questions will lurk, ready for you to mine them like diamonds.

I want to really recommend that you spend as far amount of time doing this research.  This is going to set the foundation for receiving the best responses for your guest posting requests.   It also allows you see confirm the people that you want to allow to guest post on your website as well.

Over the next few weeks we are going to be diving deeper into Guest posting as well as other really great Social Media Traffic strategies.

Feel free to leave any comments or questions about guest posting.

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