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Solar Power for RVs

If you like to travel during the summer, you might have invested in a recreation vehicle. Did you know that there are solar power solutions for your RV too? You can turn it into a solar machine that provides you with the power you need even in remote locations.

For your RV, mobile solar power kits offer a way to get the electricity that you need no matter where you decide to park. You don’t have to be limited to parks for recreation vehicles. You can vacation anywhere that is sunny and have a good time. If you can get around five hours of sunlight each day, you should have enough electricity.

Mobile solar power kits contain all the parts you need to outfit your recreational vehicle. There is less output that a larger solar array but you don’t need a lot of electricity for your RV if you practice energy conservation. Also, you won’t have to worry about mounting big panels on the roof of your recreational vehicle. These solar power kits can be costly so find a reputable dealer who won’t take you for a ride.

Kits come with directions for easy installation on your RV. If you have the money, ease of installation is a good move. Check with your dealer before you purchase the solar power kit to see if they have a good return policy. You’ll want that if you experience any problems.

The least costly way to outfit your RV for solar power is using a solar power system for mounting the solar panels on the roof. You’ll have to remember that they are there when going under overpasses and low bridges. It would be a shame to knock those panels off or worse to lose part of your roof.

One drawback to this type of RV solar power is the fact that mounting will require that you drill holes in your RV. Be careful with this step because you don’t want to do damage to your recreational vehicle. Also, it could be a problem if you decide to sell the RV later on. With a mobile solar power kit, the panels can be removed with ease and there is no drilling to mar the beauty of your RV.

Analyze your power needs. If you have the money, choose a mobile solar panel kit that is not too big for your RV but provides the right amount of electricity. An RV that gets a lot of use will pay for that system in no time.

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