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Spring into Change

As the last of the spring snow melts away and the rains bring the fresh green grass and brilliant colours of opening blooms.  We can see that change is inevitable. Nature is constantly change, growing and evolving.

People are creatures of habit and some find it difficult to adjust to changes that are certain to come our way.  Life is like an old, comfortable pair of shoes. We may realize that we need new ones and we may even find new ones we really like. I am sure you are much like me… even when you consciously and intentionally make the decision to buy new shoes, you still move through a time of breaking in.

Sometimes we need to realize that life isn’t always easy, even when we know that we are making the best decision we can at this time.  What may be better for us is not what we are used to, but it is certainly worth the trouble of breaking in new habits and lifestyle changes.  Lifestyle changes can be amazingly exciting and down right scary all at the same time.

Change does not have to be painful.

Just look to nature and it will give you clues to how change can be effortless.  The beautifully colored spring blooms spring forth from the damp ground.  Damp from rains like tears from Mother nature herself.

Spring turning into summer is the time to be busy in our gardens planting new seeds, tending to new plants to support and nurture them. I just a short amount of time you will start to see the beautiful rewards of your effort.

Are there things in your life that need to be refreshed?  Maybe there are bad relationships or habits or thoughts that need to be weeded out of your life. Don’t be afraid to do a little gardening in your own life.  Every gardener knows that unless we get to the roots, we really are not getting rid of the problem.  It may go away for awhile but unless we get to the root, it will sneak back into the garden very quickly.

William James said, “Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.

How do we change the inner attitudes of our minds?  By changing the way we think. We must put fear and negativity behind us. How, you ask?

Just we are watching the new seedlings grow into strong plants, don’t try and make a change in your thinking over night and expect to get instant results.  Change and growth takes time. We need to be gentle on ourselves and let positive thoughts replace the negative.

Change is inevitable, so why fight it? Why be afraid of it? Yes, change will require us to do a bit of readjusting but it is always worth it.  Don’t be afraid of change, a change will do you good.

If you’re serious about making a long-term change in your life, take these steps to ensure your success:

Educate Yourself

Aside from determination, education is the most important key to your success. Knowing exactly what you must do to accomplish your change will give you the power to make the change permanent.

Set Reasonable Goals

You are not going to lose 30 pounds in two weeks. Nor are you going to undo years of financial irresponsibility in six months. After becoming educated, you will get a realistic picture of how long it will be before you should expect to see results. Having this knowledge upfront will prevent you from giving up too soon.

Plan and Track

If you’re trying to accomplish something that requires long-term commitment, purchase a journal or notebook to write down your short and long term goals. Detail how you will carry them out and when you will complete them. Check each item off as you accomplish it. Keeping a journal to record your achievements can be motivating on those days when you feel like sliding back to your old ways.

Just Say No

Avoid situations that will prevent you from accomplishing your goals and change. This is especially important in the beginning, before your new way of life comes natural to you.

Pat Yourself on the Back

Be proud of yourself for making the decision to improve your quality of life. When you reach important milestones, reward yourself in a way that is in sync with your new lifestyle.


Changing negative to positive, changing dark to light, changing fear to love.  Changing so that you can move to a higher level of expansion and enlightenment is not easy and sometimes it is hard work, tremendously intense and emotional,  but it is ALWAYS worth it.   Plant your new seeds, create an environment that is supportive and nurturing and watch your life blossom into something truly amazing.

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