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Spring time is coming and so are the babies!

Since we moved up to the farm/retreat full time the dogs have basically been able to do as they please.  Occasionally we tie them up at night to keep things quiet.  With us being in deep winter right now there are a lot of animals roaming to the river, Moose the one we see most often.  We don’t actually want the dogs to be chasing the wild life that are not on our actually property and they have been ranging further and further.  So it was time to crack down.   Normal work dogs would be in the animal corrals or barn.  So made the decision until we have the animal corrals we would tie them up at night.

Lucy, she is a Maremma and Great Pyrenees Cross
Lucy, she is a Maremma and Great Pyrenees Cross
Parker, He is a Border Collie and Maremma cross

Our little Lucy is going to be having pups around the middle of March, so we wanted to start getting it ready for her.  Another reason to prepare a good pen area for the dogs. Both her and Parker are farm dogs, we literally picked them up straight from the barn.  They have been pretty spoiled really getting a dog house and everything!

So we went about picking a spot and building a Strawbale House, Lucy immediately claimed it as her own and does not allow Parker inside.  So we moved the dog house over so they are close but blocked the entrance so Parker can escape from Lucy when she is in a bad mood(which is often now).

We will be able to put up our moveable fencing around the stawbales and make an instant baby pen.

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Next to build is the brooder for the chicks also coming the middle of March.


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