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Start Small!

There is something to be said for the feeling of waking up to fresh spring morning after the rain, the grass is so much greener and the flowers are openned up to the fullest, the world just smells clean.

Wouldn’t you like that feeling everytime you got up in the morning? Very easy to do when once you have de-cluttered your life and house.

Most of my clients have called me to help them because the feeling of being overwhelmed by clutter was too much for them, more so because they had no idea where or how to start.

This need not be complicated nor make you overly exhausted.

If a full room is too much for one day, spend one hour per day or a particular part of a room such as all of the dresser drawers as day 1, and what is under the bed as part 2 etc.

Starting small allows you to feel a sense of relief, but often times you’ll find that once you get on a roll you won’t want to stop until the room is done.

You’ll surprise yourself! Put on some of your favorite music and get started!

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