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Starting over?

In many respects I feel like I am starting over….

I took almost 2 years off working on my business to work on some personal growth and development.

Probably not the best course of action, but what done is done.   In many ways I feel like to don’t know anything… okay I do but I am making sure to not skip a step.  I am following my own training to the letter.

One if it doesn’t work for me, how can I teach it!  Two it is a great case study 🙂  You know you often read interviews with the big guys and one of the questions is “if you had to start over today, how would you do it?”

So I am answering that in great detail!  And I am pulling together some great material that I know is working!

When I started on my re-vamp or re-model of my business 6 months ago, I thought I was sure, but really I am still tweaking every day.  It is like every day I am turning the focus lens just a little clearer!

As much as I have a vision for the business, now I need to build the foundation move forward to the vision.

So it is back to the basics – Business Plan

I’ll be posting the process to create a great business plan over on the Holistic Business Center website over the next few days!

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