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Steer Clear of Fad Diets

There’s so much confusing and contradictory information out there on the best way to lose weight.

I personally get really mad about all these fad diets that surface at the beginning of each year and 2011 I’m certain will be no exception!

While any form of media is a wonderful thing, at times it can lead to negative actions. Every page you turn, every channel you flick, every poster you pass there’s some advert with the latest ‘diet’ product or waif like woman telling you that you’re not ‘perfect’ unless you’re eating the latest diet bar/shake/soup morning, noon and night.

With celebs allegedly following fad diets like the low fat diet, high carb diet, no carb diet, the Dukan diet, the fruit only diet or the baby food diet, it may seem that they are endorsing these diets and that we too can look like them if we follow the same diet of the moment!

Deprivation is a foolish game when trying to lose weight or take a healthier approach towards your body.

Your body is an amazing vessel which needs to be nourished with vitamins and vital minerals sourced from natural food and liquids! You must remember that you can’t possibly go through each and every day depriving yourself of the correct amount of calories you need to survive.

So a bowl of cereal 3 times a day just won’t cut it sister!!

I’ve had many women come to me over the years and say that they have been on a diet for most of their adult life, which is incredibly disheartening. Life is for living and enjoying, not for following a strict diet plan 24/7!

The truth is all you really have to do to keep your body fat low and your fitness levels high is follow a Healthy Eating Plan, stay away from processed foods, watch your calorie intake, use portion control and of course keep active.

A healthy eating plan should contain all varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables. 100% whole grains, brown rice, brown pasta, millet, quiona. Lean red meat, chicken and fresh fish. Raw nuts, seeds, pulses and legumes. Whenever possible go with organic produce.

Don’t be fooled by these fad diets that come along, their just money spinners which may indeed provide you with initial weight loss but unless you stay on that ‘diet’ for the rest of your life you WILL gain the weight back and almost definitely more!

The only foods you should eat are ones that nourish your body!

Stay fit, keep focused and feel fabulous!


Author, The Flat Stomach Solution

Photo Credit: by cliff1066

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