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Stop Planning, Start Doing, and Successfully Achieve More!

Do you have some aspirations that are beyond your current capabilities? It’s natural to dream of things that you want to do someday, but currently can’t.

However, to realize your dreams, at some point you must stop planning and start taking action.

As fellow blogger, Joel Runyon of Impossible HQ, says, “Do the Impossible: Know what you want, Start Small, and Be Consistent – Consistently.”

So start with your plan… and then move into action

Get your Goals right the First time.

Now what strategies can help you to find the sweet spot and successfully accomplish your goal?

Effective goals have several characteristics that help to assure a positive outcome. Have you worded the goal in a way that ensures your success? Have you adequately prioritized the goal?

By incorporating a few strategic ideas into your next goal setting session, you can greatly increase your odds of success.

Try these strategies to help make your goal a reality:

1.   Your Best Goal. Consider all possibilities before you select the topic of your goal.

  • A simple, but effective exercise is to list 3-5 impossible goals that you believe would improve your life. Then ask yourself, “Which of these goals would benefit my life the most right now?”
  • A more meaningful goal has a better chance of being achieved.

2.   Deadline for Momentum. Without a deadline, your goal will lack any sense of time urgency.

  • A recommended way of formatting your goal is: “On or before 06/01/xx, I will have completed specific actions #1 and #2 to sufficiently lose at least 15 lbs.” This statement provides a clear endpoint, but still allows for the goal to be accomplished sooner.
  • It is generally more effective to limit the timeframe to 12 weeks or less. If a goal will require a greater period of time, break the goal down into smaller, multiple goals.  Create intensity and momentum.

3.   Inspired Actions. Always include specific actions in your goal statement. 

  • Engineers frequently state that something is “necessary, but not sufficient.” For example, an egg is necessary to bake a cake but it’s not sufficient; other ingredients are also required. By including specific actions in your statement, you’re claiming responsibility for doing everything that needs to be done to accomplish the goal. You are planning on rocking your goal and inspiring yourself to success.

4.   Prioritize and Visualize your Goal. Your brain is inundated with countless things every day. It needs to know that this goal is more important than all the other tasks it faces each day.

  • Strong, positive emotions can also be used as a prioritization tool. Visualize what it would feel like to achieve your goal. Imagine the ideal scene. What would you see, smell, think, and feel? The better the vision, the better the odds of success.
  • Every day, write your goal one time and perform the visualization process several times. This will reinforce the priority of your goal.

While planning is an important part of bringing your dreams to life, avoid dedicating more time to the mental preparation than to action. If you spend your entire life planning for the future, then when will you actually start living?

Try these strategies to help jump start your success actions:

1.   Actions speak volumes. You’ve probably heard this statement before right, but have you really considered the meaning? Taking action and achieving are more powerful than simply planning for the future. Start taking simple steps in the right direction while planning, instead of waiting for every detail of your plan to be complete.

  • Keep in mind that you can accomplish your goals as long as you’re moving in a forward direction. It may take some time, depending on how large your goal is, but moving forward will get you where you want to be. Taking action, regardless of how small, moves you forward. Your entire goal is to move forward.  By taking the small steps you can be successful on a small scale every day.  All those days add up and soon you will look back and see just how far you have come.

2.   Change your language. Which is more effective, “I am going to lose weight,” or “I am losing weight”? How about the difference between “I am planning on going to school,” and “I am currently attending school”? The differences in these statements may have a profound impact on whether you’re actually going somewhere, or just thinking about it.

  • Try this: Rather than saying “I am going to lose weight” take action to lose a little weight; then say: “I have dropped a few pounds and I am still going!” Can you feel that how different that seems, can you feel the pride of success?  Does it motivate you to do a little more?

3.   Break it down. Rather than creating a lengthy plan that will take several years to fully realize, why not break your goals into smaller pieces that you can achieve one at a time? Setting goals too far into the future can hamper your ability to take small steps in the right direction now. Just take one thing!

  • For example, say you want to lose 100 pounds. Try setting goals to lose 1% of your body weight per week until you reach your final goal. Achieving several weight loss goals over a period of time will help keep you motivated rather than struggling endlessly for that one far-off goal.  One then, one, and then one, focus on just one at a time.  One section, one pound, one percent.

Sometimes you may feel challenged to build the momentum you need to achieve goals and get where you want to be in life. Raise your standards and expect action from yourself instead of just thoughts and words.

Now it is time to step up, take those inspired actions, and create the intensity and momentum that will allow you to reach your pinnacle of success, what are you waiting for…  Just do it!

If you were going to start an impossible, big, awesome goal what would it be?

10 thoughts on “Stop Planning, Start Doing, and Successfully Achieve More!

    1. It has taken me a lot of practice to get better at it that is for sure… and still I need to keep on top of myself to make sure I don’t slip back into my bad habits 🙂

  1. Being myself an “action girl,” over planning my goals is not really an issue for me.

    However, I know this is not the case for many of my human companions, and so your article is most definitely for them a major step in the right direction… provided they take action on the information, of course!

    Very well done! 🙂

  2. Lori,

    This is a really focused post on achieving more, and I agree with almost everything. Especially about setting the right goals, and keeping momentum. So many things start out with a bang, but without momentum they often fizzle out.

    One thing where I have personally not had much success is with affirmations, which you’ve mentioned in “change your language” bit. I can see the logic behind them, but saying “I am losing weight” when getting started with a goal, and having a target just does not create that impact.

    1. Thanks Dolly

      some people like affirmations and some don’t and that is okay. I like them, they help me stay positive and focused.

  3. Lori, I love your tip on breaking down larger goals into smaller ones. Having those behemoth goals does make them almost unattainable and besides I like the idea of having all those ‘mini’ celebrations as I achieve each smaller step.

    1. Any chance you have to celebrate is great! I love checking things off or colouring them allows me to feel like I am moving forward.

  4. Excellent post Lori. I love the visualization AND the language component. It is never enough to plan, we have to tie what we plan to do to positive imagery and empowering words, so we are constantly fueled to move forward.

    This page is FULL of great strategy that will help many people. Thanks for sharing!


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