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Stressed or Struggling?

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Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Alexander Shchukin via CompfightIn a perfect world, no one would be stressed or struggling with the pressure of deadlines at work or home. But until that day comes, try a few of these strategies, you may find that you’ve cleared a path for yourself.

Recognize your optimum times of the day. Some people are great in the morning and others are at their best in the mid-afternoon or evening. Once you discover your personal rhythms you can use those peak times to increase your personal effectiveness. If you have clarity first thing in the morning, try using that time period to plan for the rest of the day or to tackle challenges that require a higher level of concentration. Honor your rhythms and you may find a path that you thought did not exist before.
Try taking time outs. Build in short times during the day to take a step back and catch your breath. Get off automatic pilot and become aware. Once you ground yourself in the present moment, you’ll find you’ll make better decisions because you’ve stopped long enough to hear what you inner wisdom is trying to tell you.

Create a reserve of time. Have you put yourself under unnecessary pressure believing that you have to do everything today or by the very latest tomorrow? Double the time you estimate for a project. You’ll find there will be less stress for you because you aren’t struggling to meet an impossible deadline. Another way to build a reserve of time into your day is to plan for the interruptions, unplanned meetings, misplaced papers or other distractions. They are unavoidable, so build them into your schedule. Field phone calls, questions and problems during specific times of the day. This will clear a path for you during the rest of your day.

Make caring for yourself a high priority. If you need eight hours of sleep a night, get them. You will function better. Are you skipping meals during the day? Just as your car will not function properly without sufficient gas, your body will not function well without enough fuel. And give yourself the luxury of taking a moment outside the office. Clear your mind, you’ll come back to work with a fresh perspective.

Build a success team. Hire a business coach. Connect with a mentor at work. Touch base with your community during the day. Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto; there is no need for you to go it alone. Sometimes another point of view can help us see new possibilities.

Complete tasks. There is a calming satisfaction when we complete something. Make sure you have that experience at least once a day. Something as simple as moving an activity or project, in a linear fashion, from beginning to middle to end will give you relief. Even taking one thing off of your “to-do” list can give you a burst of energy that will help you move into your next task.

In a perfect world, no one would be stressed or struggling with the pressure of deadlines at work. But until that day comes, try a few of these strategies, you may find that you’ve cleared a path for yourself at work. Remember, two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time, so choose your actions wisely. Choose a path that moves you in the direction you want to travel.

4 thoughts on “Stressed or Struggling?

  1. I love all of these tips Lori. I am on a mission for radical self-care. I guess turning 50 made me take another look.

    I agree with you that we should take advantage of our optimal times of the day. complete tasks and projects so we don’t feel stressed, and create a team that helps us (including a coach).

    This post is very valuable. The info is right on. I hope many people see it.

    Keep up the great passionate-work!


    1. Thanks Margo! I agree that making self care a priority is a HUGE thing! I highly encourage everyone to start doing right now “just do it”

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