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Super Self Care

I have been working hard on new material for my new eCourse… all about Self Care, of course this has me thinking, I am doing all “I” can be doing for my own self care….

I think that overall I normally do good, but I do think that I can do better!

Sacred Sanctuary

I have spent a lot of time creating a room just for me!  Decorated to create a feeling of peace and calm with tranquil pictures and colours.  My vision boards, my books, the ability to close the door and find complete solitude.


I have my room and I spend lots of time in there… but I am always “doing”. I am not taking advantage of the fact that I have the space and time to REALLY practice solitude and mediation.


I spend 60-90 minutes a day in guided meditation.  This is good, but I would like to start using silent meditation to better teach my mind to find peace in the quiet.

Play time

I believe that I am successful at this as well.  Although it is not that same as what other people’s idea of play 🙂  I love working out, I love reading, I love walking at the beach.  It might not to typical but it is fun for me.

Super Self Care

So what I wonder if there is a way to “super-size” my self care and if so what would that look like to me??

If you were going take your self care to the next level… what would it be?  Love to hear from you over on facebook




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