Holistic Solopreneur

Support and Guidance

Too many time in my life, I have been guided by the almighty universe to do things that I never thought were possible.  Sometimes I didn’t even realize that what I had set my mind to do was consider hard or scary by some.  I just had a knowing that that action was what I was suppose to be doing.

These days my life is more about deliberately setting a course of action, rather then just following the whims of chance.  Now I make sure to spend much time meditating, relaxing and energizing, during these times is when I am the most clear of what direction I am going and what my next action steps are.

During meditation:

  • I ask for clarity to define my vision in a way that others can understand.
  • I ask for support and guidance to know the next steps on the path.
  • I ask for encouragement and love to shore up my determination to travel that path.

When that journey is over, I make sure to express my unending gratitude for the support and guidance along the way.  And then we start all over again with a new challenge, obstacle or goal.

Are you asking for the support you need from the universe? Are you paying attention when it is given to you in the most unique ways? Are you taking hold and using that strength to accomplish great things?

What are you waiting for?  get a move on!  Passionately move in the direction of your goals!    “Choose Passionately and without Fear”

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