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Take a Relaxing Vacation

Have you been on a vacation lately? If you have not, it may be time to go on one. Say that it is for your health because it really is.

When finances get tight, the first thing we do is cut our our vacation. That is understandable since vacations for a family cost a lot of money. But, we also are sacrificing the time that helps us relax from the stresses of our job.

Everyone needs a break from work. All work and no play makes Jack and Jill very ill. Stress from work has an impact on every area of our lives. People who “take their work home with them” never stop stressing. Their families get to share in that stress when it spills over into their lives.

If the stress is at home, then it seems to never end. Stay at home moms and people who work at home have no way to get away from work or family responsibilities. The escape route leads to the same place where they work. It seems like a win-win to work at home but it can also become a prison when there is nowhere to run to for a break.

Apache Trail
Photo by Chaval Brasil
Vacations allow families to spend time together away from the pressures of their daily lives. Kids can get away from school and chores. Parents get away from work and cleaning the house or making dinner. Families can get to know each other again and make good memories.

But, a vacation doesn’t have to be expensive or lengthy to be relaxing. If you can’t afford to take a week off and travel to a distant land, try for a series of smaller breaks to closer destinations. We fantasize about seeing the pyramids of Egypt or the Eiffel Tower, but each country has its own wonders that can be just as breathtaking.

In the United States, families can travel to the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, The Mall of America, the Alamo, and a host of other places. Plan a trip within your state to see the mountains or the beach. Weekend jaunts allow you to escape whenever stress gets to be a bit too much.

Just the thought of getting away for even a couple of days can relieve a bit of stress. When you go, don’t take the computer or any papers from work. Let the mind soak up the atmosphere of the area. Take part in a new activity or have a spa treatment. Let other family know where you can be reached in an emergency only.

Vacations are time away from home. It could be a 200 mile or a 2,000 mile trip. Relaxing away from the situations that can cause you stress is one way to manage your stress levels. Plan your next excursion as soon as possible.

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