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Teach the Family Easy Recycling

In our fast paced world, it is easy to ignore that every day we are adding to our mounting waste. For many, the fact that the landfill is nowhere near us, it’s easy not to think about how full it is getting. Teaching your family to recycle helps to combat this problem, even if you don’t realize how bad it might be. Just because you don’t see the problem on a daily basis doesn’t mean it does not exist.

Many of the products we use are not environmentally friendly at all. A soda can left on the street or in a gutter will stay there indefinitely. It is not biodegradable so once it is created, it will forever be. Companies have long ago found ways to reuse these products so that they are not polluting our beautiful Earth. The problem happens when people don’t take the items to be recycled and instead just toss them about or throw them in the garbage to sit in the landfill forever and ever.

Recycling is a major contributor to the solution of global garbage. It works, but only if you participate. You can lead a horse to water and so forth. The responsibility belongs to all of us, as citizens of the world, but it begins with you and your family.

The number of items in the store made from recycled materials is growing. Our shelves could be filled with more of these things if everyone does their part to help. Most towns and cities provide recycling containers for residents to use. It could be a small bin or a large trash can.

If you don’t have such as service in your area, buy your own trash can or other supplies to gather your recyclables together. You can schedule a pickup or take them to the appropriate recycling plant for processing once a week or month; whatever time frame fits your schedule. The point is to do it! You can even make a little money collecting aluminum cans or returning glass soda bottles for deposits.

Begin with city sanitation. Whoever picks up your recycled products should have literature on how to package your recyclables. Cardboard is typically broken down and tied together. Old newspapers are tied together in bundles much like they are delivered to newsstands. Bottles are grouped together based on the number on the bottom or the label.

Have separate bins for your recyclables in the house. Mark them clearly so no one gets confused. If kids want to make money, let them collect cans from neighbors.

Get in the habit of breaking down boxes after you use them. This includes cereal boxes, tooth paste boxes, gift boxes, and the like, not just heavy duty cardboard. All of these paper products can be used for recycling.

Envelopes and old bills can be recycled, too. To protect your information, shred them first and then bag the shreds for recycling pickup. Most of us just toss out these envelopes in the regular trash but they can be put to better use.

Recycling saves on pollution and landfill space. If we can continue to reuse some items, why not do it? I personally can’t think of a reason not to. Can you?

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