The First 10 Steps of Extreme Self Care

THE FIRST 10 STEPS OF Extreme Self Care

Sometimes your body or your environment sends you a signal that it is time for self care.

Have you been sick a lot lately? Have you been so tired that you can barely get out of bed?
Have you been irritable? or just plain bitchy?

It is your body saying that it is time for a rest. Not listening can lead to more serious physical or mental health issues.

It’s a always a good time start new rituals to add calmness to your crazy busy life:

  • Voicemail to screen calls so you can spend uninterrupted time with family and friends.
  • Get a blanket, snacks and find a quiet park to sit, nap or people-watch.
  • Attend a summer outdoor music concert – sit back and enjoy the energy.
  • Be a tourist in your own home town. Get a knapsack, add snacks, a camera and a journal.
  • Take a two or three day escape and visit friends, rent a cabin, camp or just ‘escape.’
  • Have a summer potluck barbecue.
  • Take Friday afternoons off and just ‘do nothing.’
  • Daily journaling or meditation, create a sacred sanctuary where you can find silence.
  • Daily walk in nature, is there some place close to you where you can hear the birds, hugs some trees…
  • Weekly coffee date with your best girl friends
  • Weekly date night with your partner, or better yet a weekend away

THE FIRST 10 STEPS OF Extreme Self Care (3)

On your personal quest to a more balanced life, self care is the first step.  Simple steps that can allow your to move forward.

The First 10 Steps of Extreme Self Care

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