The Journey Begins

I wake up with the warm sunshine beaming into the bedroom, the soft curtains are blowing gently in the summer breeze.

I quickly dress and head out to the water.  It is a beautiful morning for a walk.   I walk  for an hour or so, really feeling good, deeply breathing in the fresh air and refreshing my energy.

When I decided that I wanted to move here, it was to allow for a greater connection to nature, to allow for a slower pace of life.

I discovered as part of the re-design of my life, that real happiness comes from the warm satisfying feeling that washes over your body when some one shows their appreciation for your heart guiding them to the experience of peace and satisfaction within their lives.

I love to start my day at my desk, I write my intentions for the day, and organize what needs to be done, all that I would like to accomplish. Another few minutes responding to personal emails and then on to the work of the day.

By 9:00 I am working on my email and online coaching for this morning. From the desk that I can look out the open window to stare at the water, this really helps me to think deeply and ask mother nature for the guidance I need to in turn guide others to the higher level of peace and joy.

By 12:00 I have moved on to private meetings with a few valued clients, these people I feel a truly genuine connection with. They are looking for the same feelings of peace and serenity that I once was. I can coach them from my heart because I have been there myself. I have longed to be released from the every day struggle just to get up in the morning and get yourself to the office.

I took the step into unknown and had faith that I would be right where I needed to be, right where I would get the most fulfillment out of life.  I have made the leap in my beliefs from thinking and living in a deficit to thinking and living with the most abundance that I could possible imagine.

By 4:00 the day is done, I spend a few minutes updating my “action items” for tomorrow and everything seems to be in order.

The day ends AGAIN with a feeling of satisfaction for doing my very best, meeting other peoples needs and serving the great good.

I wrote this almost 10 years ago…. 2 years ago I changed the name of my company to Sacred Earth Partners Training and Retreat Center.  This year we finally found the land that will be turned into the physical space for Sacred Earth, this space is fondly referred to as Sacred Sanctuary.

This is the space as we found it

Over the summer we will be working on renovations.   We will be tearing down most of the house, we rebuilding.  Then we will begin to work on the outside yards.  Over the next few months I will be sharing all the great plans we have.   I am really excited!! and can’t wait to share it with you.  Stay tuned!

Part 2 – The Tear down

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