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The positive side of integrity

Core Values: Passion ~ Integrity ~ Authenticity ~ Spirituality ~ Creativity ~ Responsibility

This time last year, I got really deep and decided that I need to have a core set of values that were the guiding light of my both my personal and business lives.  I decided that I wanted to true embody these values and The Passion Diva was born.

Still really feeling my way around, I have been walking quietly, working very much behind the scene to grown my business.  In the course of this cycle of really introspective growth, I have spent much time ( probably too much time 🙂 ) reading and study many hot people in the “coaching/consulting/mentoring” arena.   I am definitely attracted to people that hold the same values as I do, you know like peas in a pod.  For the most part this has been a truly amazing year, the knowledge available is amazing.

Some people easily fall off my radar in a few short reads as they seem to lack consistence in their values. I LOVE people that are clearly sending the message that they are being authentic, as you see it is one of my prize values.   I do worry that some believe that “being authentic” is a license to talk smack.  🙂

Should a person be authentic, definitely!  Does that mean you need to take the negative side of a discussion point… I don’t believe so.   I believe  you can relate a story or example AND make a point against (or for) with out losing sight of your personal integrity.

My sense of personal integrity and authenticity tell me that I can remain positive, that I can teach a lesson with out going to that angry dark place.

What direction does your values lead you?   Have you discovered your core values?

I would love to hear what your values are, leave a comment and share!


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