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The Road to Enlightenment…

I have always envisioned the road to enlightenment or personal break throughs for me would be at the beach.  I go there often, that is where I can feel beauty and energy so deeply that I cry every time.

but often it is simply at my computer reading the works of others, learning from their experiences, comparing my life with theirs.  Picking up all the good things that might fit for me and then trying them on.

Testing each theory and concept against my core values to see which ones stick like perfectly cooked pasta to the wall.

The choice I make today, might not be the choice that I make tomorrow, but every day I MAKE those choices.  Each day I move forward to align my real life with the vision of my future.

I often work from a “step-by-step” process point of view… but sometimes I need to move from a “feeling” point of view.  At the times when a feeling is stronger then any others.  when I am overwhelmed by the feeling that the only way to experience it fully is by allowing it to move through me.  Allowing it to change me, allowing it to make a better person, allowing it to teach me…

Feelings are down right scary though, all control is lost in that moment… I am pretty sure that is the point but still scary. Loosen the grip of the illusion that is control.  Wow even as I type this I can see in my mind the things that I have been holding on too tightly too.

I have noticed a pattern…

1 – Read amazing material from people that intrigue you.

2 – Meditate often to learn how to communicate with your true self

3 – Solitude, you need to break through barriers and the only way to do this, is to be with yourself long enough to have nothing esle stand in your way. This might be a couple hours or a couple days.

This process is not easy, it takes time and you WILL most definitely have to repeat it many many times.  It takes time to reveal all the layers of you heart and soul.  I truly believe that it is when you are alone with yourself, with no external distractions that you can come to the place of growth and enlightenment.

photo credit: by catchthefuture

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