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The Season of Thankfulness

greenhouseI love the fall season… well I love all the changing of the seasons. It most be the farm girl in me, but the smell of hay being cut and put away. The garden veggies ripening. There is a over abundance of everything!

This all leads to the most wonderful feeling of accomplishment, of satisfaction, of thankfulness! Starting when school starts… I loved school as a kid, to the Canadian Thanksgiving, to American Thanksgiving to Christmas.

In the past years as I have personally grown and matured 🙂 I have turned my thoughts less of what I have, to how I can share my abundance with other people. Want to set a great example to my kids and really teach a level of universal awareness. We have evolved to great attention on family togetherness and love shared with others.

Distance sometimes keeps us physically apart, we are closer now then ever by just the few projects we work on together. This year our Thankfulness Project is a Green House through World Vision. Each Year the kids are excited about what we are doing to do next and as they are getting older they are interested in financially participating as well.

I highly encourage you to find that “feel good” project that allows you to pay it forward to those you need a helping hand.

By all means join us with with our Thankfulness project!

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