Holistic Solopreneur

The Survey Results are in!

A few weeks ago, I put together a quick little survey.  I wanted to see exactly what I could focus on that would bring YOU the most value.

Here are the results:

Question 1: What is the training you are most looking for right now?

Survey Says: 50% would like Business, but Personal Dev. was not far behind.

Question 2: If you Selected Personal Development above, What areas?

Survey says: Lifestyle Design was the leader.

Question 3: If you selected Business Development, what areas?

Survey Says: Multiple Income Streams


Based on these results we are going to be changing things up just a little around here!

As you can see we have a new name  Holistic Solopreneur, we feel this better describes YOU, the people that are reading the blog and interacting with us in Social Media.

We are going to be starting off with Email and Newsletter strategies and working from there.  You will see us implementing ALL the strategies we recommend.

If you have suggestions for articles or questions, please visit me on Facebook, would love to chat with you or pop over to our contact page .



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