The Top 10 Social Media Influencers on SlideShare

The Top 10 Social Media Influencers on SlideShare (1)


Content is everything these days. Reliable content is even more important. With this being said, there are certain people you need begin following. These people are using both slideshare and social media platforms to get their points across.

It’s in your best interest to get on board with the following people.

Jay Baer—This guy is on the New York Time’s Best Selling Author list. He is also president and consultant for Convince and Convert. He is one of the top guys to go to for content on social media. He will help you create reliable content and market it correctly.

Michael Brenner--He is part of the team for News Cred. He also used to serve as part of SAP. Michael is all about storytelling. He can help you to reach your audience and keep them with your story.

Rand Fishkin–Have you ever heard of Why Content Marketing Fails? This video and slideshare has reach close to 1 million views. This is the guy behind it. This is the guy you need to pay attention to.

Ann Handley–She has been recognized by Forbes. She has been recognized as one of the chief marketing experts on MarketingProfs. She is one woman you need to pay attention to. She is one of the top female bloggers too. If you pay attention to anyone, be sure to listen to Ann.

Kyle Lacy–How many of you know the book “Twitter Marketing for Dummies?” This is the guy who wrote it. Kyle has written more recently about the power of email and how to use it with social media.

Ian Lurie–This guy has gotten more than 1 million views on his slideshare account. This pretty much says it all. One of his most defining goals is to learn everything you can and make distinct goals.

Pam Moore–This girl was named in Forbes as one of the top marketing and content geniuses. Her most famous slideshare has been “34 social truths in a nutshell.”

Lee Odden–Lee has shared his advice and brand on places like Content Market Media and Social Marketing Media. Learn from this guy now.

Joe Pulizzi–His shares have include “Epic Content” and “Seven Insights.”

Todd Wheatland–In his arsenal includes “The Marketer’s Guide to Slideshare. He even shares how you can leverage your company to become a socially “smart company.”

Learn from these guys. This top 10 list is your ticket to growing your company in a big way, all by using social media and slideshare. Google them now.


The Top 10 Social Media Influencers on SlideShare

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