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The Tree Of Life — Easy Guided Meditation To Energize Your Day

As often as I can I spend time listen to or following guided meditations.  I believe it is a great way to transition from not having a meditation practice to a zen practice.  Or anytime you just want to feel more relaxed.

Finer Minds Blog called my attention to this wonderful soothing meditation.  A great idea would be to read it aloud and record it, then any time you want you can just pop on the headphones and relax.

Tree of Life Meditation

by Aruna Dawn

Begin by sitting it in a comfortable position. You can use a chair if you like, but for best results, sit on the ground. You want to sit straight (no slouching) but allow your spine to conform to it’s natural curve.

Now spend about 2–3 minutes breathing slowly and deeply, quieting your mind. Once you feel relaxed and focused, you can begin.

Bring your attention to the base of your spine. Imagine that with each breath, you’re stretching a root or roots down into the Earth. Feel your root go through the surface of grass or cement, then further into the rich, dark soil that blankets the planet. Feel the coolness of the Earth as you go deeper, moving away from air and light.

To Read the entire meditation

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