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The Universal Law of Belief

I was thinking about the fact that I haven’t written a post lately on a universal law… and then there were Laws all around me!

I was thinking how the mission of Sacred Earth Partners is to teach the Universal Laws and I mentioned that on twitter. I mentioned some random laws, The Law of Gravity, The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Motion, The law of Growth.. I wanted to share some physical and some spiritual laws. I received a little note reminding me of the Law of Attraction, this got me pondering even more!

The Law of Attraction is great and wonderful, but there are SOOOOO many other very cool laws that need to be dug into with the same vigor and depth as LOA!

So I got my deck of cards out and started shuffling… what would the topic be tonight!

The Universal Law of Belief this is perfect!

For me, belief or faith that the universe is going to pull everything together like I want, in my highest version, for the good of all?!?!? that my friend is no easy task!
Every day I remind myself, there is a higher purpose, things will happen in the right time and I need to let the universe do its job, with out interfering. I need to have faith and believe that it will happen.

The really great part of this law, as soon as you believe it to be true it is true! You don’t need to wait for any physical evidence, everything you need you already have. You just need to step up to the plate and believe. Simple right? 🙂 well may not that simple, but keep reminding yourself that belief and faith is what matters the most!

Inspired Actions

1. Spend 10-15 minutes each day visualizing, thinking and feeling that your goals are already accomplished
2. Believe that you can accomplish your goals

The more time you spend visualizing your end results, the easier you can believe that your goals can be accomplished, the easier it is for the universe to bring those goals to you

taaaddaaa aren’t you glad you let the universe get things going for you!

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