Holistic Solopreneur

The Woman’s Field Guide to Exceptional Living!


Your Passport to Creative Expression, Exploration, and Play! For many women-and men, too-life is a series of “supposed-to’s” and “shoulds.” You keep the lid on tight and plod along, knowing there’s a place where life is big, bold, and beautiful but not sure how to get there, or even where to start. It’s Time for a Cork-popping Change of Direction. The Woman’s Field Guide to Exceptional Living will launch you directly into your own adventure. There are no limits here, no “shoulds,” just a guided inner road trip to an extraordinary new outlook you can return to again and again for inspiration, tips, support, and motivation. You’ll discover how to: *Get out of your head and into your life *Recognize your true callings and act on them *Overcome barriers to boldness, bliss, and beauty *Live without regrets, energy-drainers, and nay-saying


The Woman’s Field Guide to Exceptional Living


Corrie Woods




Corrie digs deep to reach your inner child and then shows her how to come out and play! I love the playful way that Corrie teaches us how to belief in ourselves. Women so often identify only as the roles we play, mother, daughter, teacher, healer, coach. mentor, we don’t allow ourselves just to be who we are inside at our core. Through The Women’s Field Guide, Corrie takes us on a journey to find our true self in a thought provoking and enjoyable way, even providing the navigational tools to make the journey easier.

Corrie any time you feel like coming out to play, you bring the mud and I’ll bring the bubbles and we can meet under the tree in the back yard!

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