Theme for 2016 – My Three Words

My 3 Words for 2016

There is really nothing more to say than “holy shit!!!”  2015 was a year to never forget.   Big lessons, big changes, and big shifts to bring me into alignment with where I need to be going.   It is always so interesting, when I think about changing direction or shifting a little, I am always brought right back.   No matter how I get there, I am always following my own spiritual path AND helping others follow theirs.   Which I actually really love, so I am just letting go and letting it flow as it should, whatever the universe has in store for me.

Over the last 5 years, I have created a theme for the year… sometimes that lead to great things, sometimes that lead to uncomfortable things.  But each time I evolved a little more.  You can read all past themes here.

Last year, I created 2 different things, for the first half of the year and then that second half.  The first Bodacious, being completely in charge of you own life.  This allowed me to take back ownership of my life and return to my center of power.  And the second Accelerate, this is where the “holy shit” came in… wow, I moved, I took on a new corporate project and I ended my marriage.  WTF!!  it was a crazy 6 months. 

I did also take some down time in order to be able to process everything that was happening.  You likely noticed I was a little quieter than normal. I was practicing EXTREME Self Care!  I am glad that I took the time, it has prepared me for the amazing year to come.

In the past I have used one word themes, usually once or twice a year depending on what was happening in my life.  This year I am changing it up a little more, this time I am going to follow the process that Chris Brogan uses, you can read about his 3 words for 2016 here.

My 3 Words

I really want to make these words all about action, forward movement and evolution.

Practice – I know that there are some specific areas of my life… like exercise, where I am not consistent and that has left me stuck. I am stepping it up and not just setting goals, but creating a practice.  Consistently taking small steps every day that will lead to the goal, rather than my normal, jump into something swimming around aimlessly and hope to meet the mark.  Most often I do meet the goal, but I believe that I have been wasting a lot of time with the floundering.  The intention is to create practices, rituals, habits that are moving me incrementally forward each day.

Living – not just living but PASSIONATELY living! Creating practices allows me to get a better handle on both time management and productivity.  Allowing me more time for passionate living.  Stepping away from work and the computer and spending more time in an environment that is natural and creative.  Really allowing space to use both sides of my brain, in order to use them both better and at a higher level.  I have four different creative hobbies that I can really dig deep into when I want, it is just like a new way to meditate.

Loving – Over the last few years, I have really struggled with allowing myself to be open and let’s face it vulnerable….. I mean fully open to love.  Not just the love of a partner, but love with all humans, and especially myself. Really exploring what it is like to be totally open for love to come into your life in all its forms… letting go of fear, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, fear of being wounded.  My intention is to start with a basic Loving-Kindness Mediation practice. I believe this will be a wonderful experience, which I expect will lead to enormous changes in my life.

So those are my words for the year!  I would love to hear yours… connect with me on facebook or linkedin or email to share what your words are.

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