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This place as gone to the birds!

okay not quite yet.  But I did make my mind on what chickens that I want and I have ordered them.

The Plan

I wanted chickens that would be both good laying hens as well as good meat birders, I want my flock to be self sustaining, meaning I can hatch my own chicks to increase the flock and have for the freezer. I wanted to have a very hardy breed that can handle the colder temperatures and has not been genetically enhanced.  That lead me straight for Heritage breeds.

Choice #1 – Light Brahmas



The Brahma have been around since the late 1800’s, they were first bred in America.   They are large, 10 lb hens and 12 lb cocks.  They are very hardy, they are great layers with their most active season being Oct-May, they lay large brown eggs, 180-240 per year.  The have feathers on their legs and toes!  The are very friendly and docile.   They do not handle the mud and wet well, but that should be fine for our yard, the spot I picked is sandy.    The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy for Brahmas

Choice #2 – Coronation Sussex

Coronation Pair


The Sussex breed was has been around since before 0 AD… yep you heard me right and in the 1800’s they were already on the decline in England, they arrived in America in 1912.  Since the 1900’s there has been a conscious effort to keep the breed in production.   This is also a great layer and meat bird.  The Sussex is truly one of the best dual-purpose chickens, with many hens capable of laying 200 to 250 brown or tinted eggs yearly.  They are known for their excellent quality meat.  They weight 7 lbs for hens and 9 lbs for cocks.  The Coronation variety isn’t a “official” variety according to the American Poultry Assn, but they seem to be just what we are looking for.  We might add in a Speckled or Light Sussex in the next couple of years.  The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy for Sussex


More to come soon as we build our chicken coop and decide how we will be starting our breeding lines.



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