Tips for Starting Your Home Workout Routine

Gym memberships are just getting more and more expensive with each passing year.  Those who have low membership fees can be too full of members, making it hard to share a fitness routine that is continuous and uninterrupted.  You have to wake up very early to get the chance of using the equipment that you have been setting your eyes on for weeks.  Or worse, the equipments are not maintained and not working very well. To get the best of your home workout routine, you have to consider several things that may affect your fitness program.

Set a goal that you can attain realistically without having to resort to drastic measures like crash dieting and overloading in weights and exercises.  Set a short-term goal such as being able to do 5 or 10 more push-ups after 4-5 days.  This will be a complement to another long-term goal which is a reasonable increase in muscle mass based on the muscle groups that you are targeting.

Discipline yourself to stick to your fitness routine.  Dallying on your workout will result to failure of your set goals.  Exercising too much every day will result to early burn-out.  Aside from that, the microtears that you have created in your muscles during your workout will not have time to heal, leading to increased soreness and an even-slow manifestation of results.

Each time you do your exercise; concentrate only on a specific muscle group.  Do not try to cram a full-body work within the day. Concentrating on muscle groups will give you better results in better time compared to doing all muscle groups at once.  Perform chest exercises on one day, and then concentrate on leg exercises on your next session.

Make your home workout enjoyable by listening to your favorite music.  You will feel more motivated and your routine will be less of a chore.  It would be better if you delegate a room specifically for a working out so as not to disturb, and to be disturbed by other people at home.  Invest in good-quality gym equipment to make sure you are not injured as you are doing your exercises.  Keep these in mind and you will be getting the most of your workout at home.

Article written by Tom Nelson of, your best source for the Shaun T Insanity Workout.

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