Universal Law of Abundance

The Law of Abundance to me is mind goggling.

To contemplate the sheer volume that earth is capable of giving us… it is overwhelming to me.

Can you image just for a moment a meadow with tall green grass waving in the wind.

In the middle of the meadow stands one lone apple tree.

You lovingly water and care for the apple tree and it produces the most abundant crop of apples… hundreds of apples.

You take just six apples and plant all the seeds and lovingly care for all the seedlings

Now you have 3 dozen trees… 36 trees!  Can you image how many apples can be produced from those trees?

If you continue planting new trees every year and caring for them, the meadow turns into an orchard. Apple pie for everyone!

Now imagine, source, god, the universe (pick the name you prefer), doing this all the time, every day of every year for us!

And if we were to focus our thoughts solely on the amazing wonderful abundance that is already available to us, can you imagine how we could multiple our abundance 10 fold.

I know that sometimes it is hard, when we are feeling down and when things just don’t seem to be going our way to turn our thoughts to abundance

But even the smalls thoughts, start with waking up this morning and having the choice to do something amazing with your life!

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