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Universal Law of Free Will

I have spent the last 6 months on a quest, a quest to connect with my intuition, my higher self, my inner voice. I have read, I have listened, I have meditated. I have found that one of the easiest ways to hear what my connection is saying, is the cards. Each time I was at a book store, I just picked up a deck that I felt the impulse to buy. Then I spent time with each deck. I used to pick one card from each deck and display it on my book shelf.

Now though, I feel more connected to certain decks and I keep these right beside me on my desk. During time of contemplation I will shuffle the decks, allowing the swapping of energy. Ans when I feel the desire I will take a care and listen to the lesson it has for me.

Today’s card… the Universal Law of Free Will

So what does that mean to me, what is my lesson for today…

I am a firm believer in the ability to choose all actions, thoughts, reactions REGARDLESS of the circumstances of our lives. Grabbing hold of the responsibility of our life and choosing how we will conduct yourselves is what I feel separates us from the animals.

So many of us live a life of default, waiting for life to come to us… doing nothing, is MAKING a decision to do nothing. Yes, it is still a decision.

I believe that we have a responsibility as humans to take the life that has been given to us, to make a decision everyday that we will choose to live on our own terms!

What are you choosing today? are you living your passion? are you showing compassion? how are you making this world a better place because you were in it?

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