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Universal Law of Growth

Wow I just love my decks of cards… the way the universe speaks through them is so powerful!

The Law of Growth speaks to the fact that every human is placed on this earth to grow, learn and experience Earth.  It instinct for humans to want more, more knowledge, more money, more experience and the Universe is happy to provide that for you.

Opportunities and challenges alike are sent our way to prepare us for the “more” that we want and need to make our experience even better!

Hindsight is 20/20, but really what would life be like if we knew all the answer, felt all the emotions, experienced all the happiness… BORING!

There has definitely been times… even lately that I have felt like “for pete’s sake, why am I having to go through this?”  but in my heart and soul I know that it is because I need to grow and understand life more deeply than I do now. That is the thought I keep in the forefront of my mind.

I know from past experience, my life is ALWAYS better for going through hard experiences and I am happy to do it (after it is over 🙂  I am human after all)

Take growth in stride, rise above the fear of challenges by always looking to the bight future

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