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Universal Law of Reciprocity

Over the last several years our family has made a point to think of the bigger picture of the world.  My kids were all teenagers and young adults, I wanted to instill in them the concept of helping others. And the Law of Reciprocity, that helping others also helps us.   The basis of the law states that we must give first in order to receive.

And if we are actually paying attention and giving from the bottom of our heart , the great truth of life is that the more we give the more we receive.

Energy is dancing around us and flowing through us… money, time, resources are all energy.   We can choose to hide all your energy in a bottle or under the bed.

OR we can choose to dance with light and energy and give ourselves the opportunity to show the universe that we know how to handle energy in a responsible way, by GIVING it away to others!  🙂

This week as you are enjoying your rest and relaxation…. enjoy some energy and share it with someone else, see how that feels!

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