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Visualization To Manifest

Creative visualization is all about using your imagination to create a mental picture of what it is you wish to manifest. Creating an idea or mental picture in your brain of exactly what it is you really want.  Really putting together the entire scene, I like to imagine the moment right after I have received what I am looking to manifest.

For example you might want a bright red shinning car, you can imagine every detail down to the mmm of the engine when it starts up.   So now put yourself in this situation…. you have just driven off the car lot in your new car, you can smell the “new car” smell, you can hear the hum or roar of the engine, you can feel the wind rushing passed you. Maybe you drive past the local driven or mall and everything is looking at you and your car…  Now, repeat this visualization on a regular basis with strong emotions and intent gives the idea or mental picture you are trying to create positive energy until it becomes real.

The most basic ingredient of this energy is a force which is called prana,  Qi,  life force or simply Breath. When visualizing this energy entering through your nose and circulating throughout your body will have a tremendous revitalizing effect on your whole body & general outlook on life.

Visualization is not a new, strange or unusual concept for you are visualizing something practically every minute of the day.

The idea is to dwell on those thoughts you would like to become reality not as some future fantasy but as if they are real today and are part of your everyday life here and now.

Program your brain and re-wire it as if what you desire is real and already taking place. As if you are watching your own self made video, play the role as a real life actor would with all the emotions and movements making it as real as you possibly can. The mental picture needs to be as clear and vivid as you can possibly make it.  Through repetition you will learn and perfect the skill of creating the desired mental image and feel the experience as if it is already real and happening.

Visualization is pure magic of the highest order. It involves understanding and balancing oneself with the natural law that governs the inner most workings of the universe we are part of and learning to use such laws and principles in the most conscious and creative ways.

The message is to imprint the thought and image well into your brain and feed it continually on a regular basis ensuring your desired outcome becomes your reality.  The purpose of the visualization process is to break and flush the inner obstacles to allow more natural flow and increase self realization to increase ones ability to manifest with positive energy.

I have personally used visualization for the least 3 years, every night as I lay in my bed, I create my ideal life. I walk through my day… what I would do first thing in the morning, what I would do during the day, how I would work, how I would have fun, who is there with me…  with as much detail as possible.   I believe that this practice has assisted me to create MANY of the things that I have in my life now, where I live, what I do… really the possibilities are endless.

This is just one of the steps to creating your ideal life though… don’t get caught in the ideal that this will be the ONLY step you take… this one prepares you, it clears you dears, opens your mind and sets the stage.

Give it a try!

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