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What does it mean to Heal?

Often I find myself reflecting on my impact to the world and whether or not I am fulfilling my purpose.   Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D has written a thought provoking article on how all the healing modalities are meant to bring people back into their natural flow or energy and balance. So no matter what form you practice as long as you are in your own authenticity you will help others.  Beautiful!

Here is an excerpt from Her article:

Let us be a healing presence with every kind word we speak and every gentle action we take, for they have the power to transform and inspire the well-being of us all…

TO BE HEALED IS TO REVEAL THE TRUTH ABOUT WHO WE ARE IN OUR AUTHENTICITY…our WHOLENESS.  This is a spiritual truth.  We have come to this level of our experience to live out our soul’s purpose for being here.  Being open to uncovering that purpose is where our conscious spiritual journey begins.  This is where we begin to design a pathway in which we allow ourselves to be guided by its wisdom and have the courage to move forward with the intention to evolve into our wholeness.

Our journey brings to us many wonderful surprises by way of the people we meet and the circumstances thereof.  And through these interactions, we find ourselves in a place where everything we experience has purpose and meaning when we are open to that realization.  We will also find ourselves having been influenced by all the traditions, belief systems, and many other environment and social conditions that have shaped our lives.  This is where we may have taken on those things that are readily accepted as the truth of who we are.  And in matters of health, we have been told that certain things will probably happen to us due to our family history and genealogy, age factors, social conditions, and so on.  All of these things and more have contributed to our state of mind and therefore the reflection of it in our body, spirit, and soul.

Read the entire article here:  Authentic Living Ministries Blog

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