Holistic Solopreneur

What is a Holistic Solopreneurs?


Holistic [hoh-lis-tik]

– adjective

incorporating the concept of holism in theory or practice: holistic psychology.
identifying with principles of holism in a system of therapeutics, especially one considered outside the mainstream of scientific medicine, as naturopathy or chiropractic, and usually involving nutritional measures.


Solopreneur [(soh-loh-pruh- nur , soh-loh-pruh- noor )]

An entrepreneur who works alone, “solo,” running their business single-handedly.


–verb (used with object)

to deal with or initiate as an solopreneur.

–verb (used without object)

to act as an solopreneur.


A Holistic Solopreneur or a Holistic Solo-Practitioner is a holistic healing professional with a gift in one or more areas of healing.  The main areas of specialization are body-centered therapists, energy-centered therapists, mind-centered therapists, soul and spirit-centered therapists, emotional release therapists, and coaches/counselors. All of these therapists strive to bring a greater quality of life to their clients. That may occur through inner balance, self-empowerment, physical ease, or even emotional confidence.

Although there is a wide variety of practitioners and treatment modalities they all share a common belief and operate under the basic premise of holistic health.  They focus on aspects such as life style changes, diet, exercise, and nutrition as well as a variety of other alternative health options.

Holistic Solopreneurs understand that the body, mind and spirit are connected in complex ways. Grounded in a variety of theoretical perspectives, Holistic Solopreneurs share a broad view of health and wellness that addresses the multidimensionality of human beings.


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