What’s New in WordPress 3.8

I am really loving the new update to WordPress!  It feels like that the admin side is finally caught up with web 2.0.

They really spend a lot of effort to ensure that 1) it looks great, 2) it is very easy to read & navigate and 3) works just as well on a monitor as a mobile device.

WordPress 3.8 - New Modern Theme

High definition at High Speed, their words not mine, but very very true.  It really just feels so silky smooth and put together.

High definition at high speed

I am really digging the new colour options for the dashboard, very easy, easy to read, lots of choices so much better than the blue and grey you had before.

Every page has a fresh new look!  The pages you will notice the biggest difference are the Widgets and the Theme pages.   The Theme pages feels more like a photo gallery, which I love.

New Theme Page

With more and more people using mobile devices and tablets as a primary device, there was a need to make the admin features work well in this environment.  I think they have done a great job.

Mobile Responsive Admin Dashboard

New Twenty Fourteen Magazine Style Theme:  The new theme is mobile responsive, visually appealing and simple to use.  This theme could easily mange your entire website with no customization.

I have been using the new version for a couple weeks now and so far I have not run into any problems.  My standard plugins all seem to be working and the upgrade  process was seamless.    I would definitely recommend that you go ahead and get the update done!   Don’t forget to back it up first! Check out How to Update WordPress to 3.8 for step-by step details.

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