When you close your eyes…

I have been reading… well viewing is more accurate, a web site called thoughtquestions.com

I do love the questions… they definitely get my brain going.

So the question for today… When you close your eyes, what do you see?

I do love closing my physical eyes, so that my vision just pops into view.  I almost always see my retreat center, the green trees, the fields,

water, there is always water, sitting on a peaceful bench looking out across the water.  Feeling the mother earth energy all around me knowing that I can call on that energy at any time to help me or just calm me.

The grounded feeling that comes from my feet on the ground, to the energy that comes from the water, to the calm that comes from the sun shinning on me.

I suppose if I had to use just one line to describe what I see….  my vision of my future!

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