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Who said you could think?

One of the first questions an employer asks in an interview is, “Tell me about your self.” It’s the worst question in the world for most of us. We will talk about anything else except something pertaining to what we are all about.

Critical thinking is an important life skill. Sadly, it’s one that’s seldom taught anymore. Thinking has gotten lost between test scores and achievement gaps. It has been left up to life to teach us how to think and it often happens with devastating consequences.

Critical thinking begins at an early age or at least it can begin there. Our parents impart their value system to us when they teach us right from wrong. “Don’t steal. Don’t cheat. Don’t swear.” Things like that are black and white guidelines that everybody needs.

Beyond that, there is a lot of gray area. That is where our value system is tested. Some of the things we have been led to believe hold no water here. We are left with nothing to go by to make a decent decision. So, we rely on the decision making processes of others.

When we don’t know where to turn it’s easy to let someone else do the driving. They seem to have it all together so we hand over control of our thoughts to them. Many cults begin this way. People look to take advantage of others who haven’t learned critical thinking.

Protect yourself from such outside influences by determining what you stand for starting today. It sounds overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Establishing what you believe isn’t a one time thing. It takes your entire life to figure out, but a strong knowledge of right and wrong forms the foundation for our thinking.

You can start with reviewing your core values, once you have a handle on the core values, you can make better decisions about how you are going to think and act. You can decide what is important to you. Now you know what you can stand for!

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